KORA Fitness

Grace is a great friend of mine who came to me, looking for images of her working out in KORA Fitness wear. She’s an ambassador for their company and has been for a few years. Before we even shot one image, we talked about how and what we were expecting to get out of the shoot. I knew I wanted to help her get the most professional look she could, while giving her a fairly quick turn around time on the images. With that being said, we went over a few poses and stretches she would be doing. Next was lighting and location. On the evening of the shoot I brought with me a small soft box to give the images a little bit more of a drastic look rather than natural light. Off of the top of my head I had one location in mind I drive by almost every day that would be the clean and almost perfect look we were going for with this shoot. We started on the shady side with a few jump and lunge shots ( wasn’t feeling those ) so we went to the side you see below and I ended up shooting the whole set with natural light and not even needing to bring the soft box out. The last two images in this set below were a cause of heading home and wanting to shoot just a few more and ended up loving the look of them.

Make sure to check out the before / afters below for some crazy changes!

Client: Grace White | KORA Fitness

Location: Downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina


Before / After